My body hates me

In my brief opening, I mentioned some of my mental issues.  But that is merely the beginning.  As of right now, my diagnoses are:

  • Bipolar
  • OCD
  • Severe Anxiety
  • Agoraphobia
  • Migraines
  • Epilepsy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Asthma
  • Severe Allergies
  • numbness & tingling in both hands
  • Gaastroparesis
  • chronic back pain
  • morton’s neuroma/stress fracture/scar tissue/other issues with left foot

That is kind of a lot.  Still haven’t found a Fibro med that helps.  And last time I was at the neurologist, they did a bunch of blood work.  It shows that I have a severe vitamin D deficiency.  Problem is, I take about 300% of the suggested daily dosage of vitamin D daily.  And I can’t go hang out in the sun, because not only do I burn, but the light triggers seizures, but it also causes rash and heatstroke after 15 minutes or so.  Don’t know what I’m supposed to do about that.  I do have another appointment with my Neurologist on the 21st, so I guess I will find out then.

Oh, I also got paperwork in the mail from the DMV…. they want to revoke my drivers licence.  That whole epilepsy diagnosis.  Not that it matters much since I really don’t drive, it’s just a big hassle of time, $$, and paperwork.

Got all my disability stuff filled out online, and submitted.  I’m hoping that with the addition of the epilepsy they won’t deny it, they will just accept it the first time around.  I won’t hold my breath, but I will keep my fingers crossed.


The Birds

So I haven’t posted anything after my original post. It isn’t because I have forgotten or got lazy. No, it is because all of my birds have decided to get sick and try to die all at once.
Yes, I am a crazy bird lady. My birds make me happy… well most of the time. They are much like children, just forever in the toddler stage. I have 10, and no, that isn’t a typo. A Severe Macaw named Chewie, 2 Solomon Island Eclectus named Karma & Romeo, a Senegal named Poe, 2 Green Cheek Conures named Dee Dee (male) and Desmond (female), 3 Cockatiels named Charlie, Eva, & Sid (female), and a Parrotlet named Petey.
It all started about 3 weeks ago, when we noticed that Charlie was puffed up on the bottom of the cage, breathing heavily. Of Course, it was 10 pm on a Friday night. This lead to an emergency vet trip, emergency avian vet, follow-up with our regular avian vet…… $2500 later, Charlie had been given antibiotics for a respiratory infection, he has liver issues, and tested positive for Psittacosis. Then, the very evening we get Charlie’s Psittacosis results, Sid, our special needs tiel, begins to show signs of illness. She saw the vet Thursday morning. Yup, she is sick too, with signs of infection and renal and liver issues. Eva, is the asymptomatic carrier of Psittacosis and brought it into our home. It is highly contagious among birds, and can be transferred to people. So, we are already $3000 into this, and still have to treat everyone. Charlie, Eva, and Sid have all had their first of 6 injections, but the other 7 birds have not had any injections.
EVERYTHING must be disinfected. The carpet, the walls, the ceiling, the cages, the curtains, Everything. This is a huge undertaking. I am super stressed about it, as I am really not much help, as my health sucks ass right now (but that is a whole other post in itself). I’m hoping that Sid can survive this, as she is weak to begin with. I also hope that I don’t have a complete nervous breakdown over all of this.