2012 – A year of suck, in review.

For me 2012 was a year of stress and turmoil.  My mother’s mentally and verbally abusive boyfriend (of 20 years) up and left her because she was sick.  It turns out she was diagnosed with epilepsy.  But to make himself not look like the bad guy, he had been telling her entire family all sorts of horrible lies about her, about my husband and I ( we live with her to help care for my disabled 25 year old sister).  My family has been ripped to shreds.  And my mom still hasn’t been able to get her epilepsy meds adjusted right, so she is still having some problems.

I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the beginning of the year.  Then, after my mom got her epilepsy diagnosis, it was discussed that it could be a hereditary thing.  In discussing the symptoms, it turns out I have been having mini seizures my entire life, with at least 3 episodes of lapses in consciousness.  I too have been diagnosed with epilepsy, with the strong suggestion that I shouldn’t drive unless it is an emergency.  My meds are managed fairly well, but I have to be careful, because we don’t want to interfere with my meds for my OCD, Bipolar, or Severe Chronic Anxiety.  The DMV agreed that I could keep my license.

I had to have surgery on my foot in June. I had had surgery on my left foot in 2005 to remove a Morton’s Neuroma, it’s kind of like a tumor of scar tissue and nerves between the bones close to your toes.  Well, I was having a lot of pain in the same spot, so they had to go in again.  Sparing the gritty details, stuff had to be removed, and things needed to be done to really clean up that part of my foot.  Bigger incision than before.  Longer healing time.  Really interesting walking “cast” – an Air Cast – kind of looked like a Storm Trooper boot.  I was wheelchair bound for a while.

In April, one of my birds, my cockatiel Claire, suddenly passed away.  She was on eggs at the time, and her mate Charlie was devastated.  It was so awful.  He kept calling for her.  As long as we had had him, he hadn’t been alone.  So despite our own grief, we went and found him a new girl. He bonded to her instantly, which was wonderful for both of them.  But then in August, Charlie got really sick.  We had to drive 45 minutes, at 11:30 pm on a Friday night to take him to an emergency avian vet.  He almost died on us.  He had liver issues, as well as Psittacosis.  Psittacosis is highly contagious, and can even be passed on to humans.  They weren’t sure he would survive, and we also needed to treat our entire flock with antibiotics, as well as disinfect our entire house.  So, 8 weeks, and about $4,500 later, all our birds are healthy, and the house is really clean.

However, while giving our birds their antibiotic injections, my sweetheart, Karma, bit my finger.  The bite itself wasn’t that bad.  But because of my fibromyalgia and epilepsy, I also have a condition called Central Pain Syndrome.  My hands are permanently numb and tingly, and so my body over reacted to the bite.  The bite happened October 4th, and by mid December, I still could not move my index finger at all.  I am now doing intense physical therapy three times a week, as well as taking medication that is supposed to help the CPS,  and I can move my finger a little bit.  It is still very swollen, and looks bruised.

I applied for disability back in October, but I have yet to hear anything.  I’m unable to work, and have $12 in the bank right now.  I have meds to pick up, and 2 doctors appointments coming up, and no money to pay the copays.

I’m just waiting for 2013 to get better!


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